Monday, February 23, 2009

3 Down...4 California Temples to Go

Last week my friend Kathleen and I drove to Fresno to attend the Fresno LDS Temple. We stayed at my mom's and David and Robin's house. This sweet little girl below gave up her bedroom for us. My sweet McKenzie is the greatest. This is the bed that I slept in. Kathleen slept in the bed across the room.

This is me in my mom's room ready to go to the temple. The man in the picture behind me is my great grandfather, William Harwood.

This is my mom and I in front of the Fresno Temple.

This is my friend Kathleen, my mom and I in front of the temple.

I really love this temple because it is in my hometown. I remember when I was in high school several of our leaders saying that in 10 years we would have a temple in Fresno. Well, it took longer than 10 years, but we got one.


Jill said...

These are great pictures. How sweet of McKenzie to give up her bedroom but you are so good to her that I'm sure she did not mind.
I'm glad I checked your blog's not coming on my regular google for some I thought you just had not written in a while.
I also want to thank you for coming to see me!!!! That was so nice, and it was fun getting to know Kathleen too!

Susan Rozier said...

Dear Karen, I know your trip was of the whirlwind type, but I would loved to have had you come by to see our place and us! When are you coming again? Next time, maybe. Fondly, Susan