Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

My Valentine's Day began on Feb. 13 because we don't have school on Saturday(knock on wood).
Anyway, this is a picture of some cards and things my kids gave me. The thing that is behind the pink card is a giant kiss. Didn't realize until now that it was covered up.These are 2 sweet girls who were in my class last year that came down to see me and bring me treats. A sucker and 2 cookies.

This is one of my sweet little boys who brought me a heart shaped brownie. Yum, yum.

On the real Valentine's Day Tom and I went to Costco. Not to eat to shop.
These are some of our great finds. Tom was very happy to find Corn Flakes. They have never been there before.

We also had to get milk to go with them. Aren't these new jugs weird? You can't drink out of them any more.

Then we went on to Chevy's for dinner. Tom had 2 fish tacos and I had 2 beef tacos. It was all really good but we both ate too much. After we got done we wished that we would have eaten at Costco. We wouldn't have eaten so much and it would have been cheaper. Oh well. We did enjoy our day.


Jill said...

I have never seen milk like that. I wonder where you pour it out from. Also I didn't know Chevy's has fish tacos! I would love those.
So fun too seeing the things your class gave you. I'm sure that one little boy was so proud you wanted to take a picture of his heart shaped brownie!

Uncle Tom said...

Oh yes, the fish tacos are worth the trip. Especially with a nice squeeze of lime, and together with black beans, rice, and that sweet corn pasty stuff. Be sure to go on an empty stomach.

Susan Rozier said...

Karen, I liked your blog. The food part of it got my digestive juices flowing. I had a shrimp taco at Rubios and it was divine. I'm not sure what a fish taco tastes like. I enjoy your blog. Fondly, Susan

Susan said...

We ended up getting Chilis takeout. Poor Robyn was sick so we stayed home. The food was okay but Chevys sounds so much better.

Kris said...

So Karen, how does the milk pour out? (Probably a silly question, but I have never seen anything like that before!) :)