Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Got to See Daniel Today!!!

Today was Daniel's birthday so Tom and I went over to his house to visit him for a little while. We had a nice visit. We had some camera problems but here are some pictures that turned out okay. There were some pictures of Daniel and I but for some reason they wouldn't upload.

While we were there, this basket came from Grandma Nellie. You should have seen the great big smile Daniel had on his face.

Here is Daniel standing with his basket. It really is there.

Here is Daniel and Tom


Jill said...

Of course Grandma Nellie made him up a big beautiful basket! I wish you could do another post and show us what she put in it. :)
Daniel's home looks very nice by the way. Hope he had a most wonderful birthday!

Susan Rozier said...

Daniel looks so happy. The pictures really told the story. Hope he had a good time. How long does it take you to get to his home? Thanks for sharing. Fondly, Susan

Kris said...

Karen, I have enjoyed reading your posts about Daniel. What a loving mother you are. Also, I just love your blog header picture at the top. You look so lovely there with him.