Sunday, March 8, 2009

Itty Bitty

Every year, as far as I know, the Deseret News runs a contest called "Itty Bitty Salt Lake City". A photographer goes around the city and takes pictures of things around the city. They aren't the whole thing, just little parts of something bigger. To win, you have to figure out where each thing is. Anyway, I decided to go around Daniel's room and do the same. ( You don't have to know where they are.) These are little pieces of Daniel's room that I really like. Hope you do too. This is a wall hanging that I bought in Salt Lake of the Now I Lay Me Down poem.
This is a picture of Daniel when he was around 1 I think. If you look closely you can see drool on his chin.

This is a teddy bear Grandma Nellie sent him for his 16th birthday. It made me cry when it came. It made me happy.

This is the outfit that Daniel came home from the hospital in. I have this in a frame in his room.

This is Daniel's handprint that he did at school. I think he was 5 at the time.

I have a little collection of Daniel and the Lion's Den in his room. This is one of my favorites.

This is a little Boyd's figurine that is on his nightstand. It really reminds me of Daniel.

This was given to me by my brother Billy one Christmas. I love it because Daniel is part of every prayer of mine.


Susan Rozier said...

Karen, What a sweet post. You have such a creative flair for decorating and adorning your spaces with love. We enjoyed seeing your precious things. Fondly, Susan

Mary Kay said...

I LOVE this post! So sweet.

Uncle Tom said...

My son Daniel is a perfect human being - I hope to be where he is in the hereafter. Daniel - my brother. He is a special boy. I know he was a valiant spirit.

Jill said...

What a precious post. I loved seeing all the itty special things around Daniel's room. I also love how you framed the outfit he wore home from the hospital. I wish I had thought to do that with my boys.

Kris said...

Karen, I really enjoyed reading this post this evening. It's truly a glimpse at his mother's love for him. I was very touched.