Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nampa, Idaho Trip--Part 3

Tom just reminded me today that it has been 2 weeks since we were in Nampa. Boy am I behind. Here are some pictures of my mother-in-laws great house. She is so talented at decorated. I can see where Tom gets it from. This is a picture of Tom's parent's bedroom. Tom's sister, Amy, made the quilt for their 50th wedding anniversary several years ago. It has hearts on it with all the family members names at the time on it. I think Amy needs to make another one because we have lots of additions now.Also, Tom's mom painted the picture above the bed. Tom has a talented family.
The main bathroom.

The office. They have lots of things from Africa in there. They went there many years ago to do embryo transplanting of cows.

The kitchen where many wonderful meals are made.

This is a mirror that hangs in their living room. I just love the flower on it.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. I didn't do the house justice. It looks really nice. You need to see it in


cindyrella said...

did you know i did the Holly Hobby stitchery? I think it is so sweet she has had them hung for over 30 years! I hope to never get them back, but one day I will "have to" take them.

Mary Kay said...

I'm happy to have made just a few stitches on that quilt. Aunt Amy let me help her when I was just 16. That made me feel very special :) I'm glad you posted these photos since I had not yet seen Grandma and Grandpa's new house.

Kris said...

Such lovely pictures of a beautiful home. I especially loved seeing the quilt on the bed.

Jill said...

I enjoyed taking a tour of your of your mother in law's home. I love the lavender walls in her bedroom!
OH, and that counter about Ashley's graduation...McKay graduates same day so I better get ready.