Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Marriage Savers

Several weeks ago while I was at my sister's house, we were all talking about things that "save" our marriages. I told about how we do our dry cleaning and my friend, Kris, said I should blog about it. So here goes.

Tom's Shower

Karen's bathtub.

Tom's TV.

Karen's TV.

Every Monday morning we hang our dry cleaning on the front door.

Tuesday evening it comes back like this.
What are your "marriage savers?"


Jill said...

You're kidding, right? You have a dry cleaner who delivers?? Like the old fashioned milk man! And you both have your own TV? Hey and I must say, you have a beautiful bathtub!

Bob and Cathy said...

That's pretty awesome about the dry cleaning! How convenient!

Susan Rozier said...

Karen, I didn't know you had a sister. I thought there were two boys and you. What gives? So you're talking about Marriage Savers as things that help you get along? Well, separate bathrooms and TVs would do it for many. Also helpful are TV ears where I don't have to hear the TV, but Richard can. Love the dry cleaning action. That's almost like a magic trick! Fondly, Susan

Bob and Cathy said...

Which cruise line are you going on in June? Ours was Holland America and it was wonderful! What cities are you going to? Hope you have tons of fun too!

cindyrella said...

hey, i've seen his shower and it is spotless!
hmmm, i'm thinking of my own savers - it might take a day or 2 haha