Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brooke Elizabeth Shepard's Graduation(I'm so Proud)

Monday night I was able to attend the graduation on my niece, Brooke, from high school. It was a wonderful day.This was the sign that was behind the graduates. It has their class theme on it which was "It's Our Time".The Sunday before graduation ,they have a non-denomanational service called Baccalaureate. It was really nice.This is Brooke and I afterwards. Isn't she pretty?The place setting from the graduation dinner that Robin fixed. It was sooo good. Here is Brooke walking in. The medal around her neck was for being in the National Honor Society.
This is her getting her diploma I think.

One happy and proud family.

One proud aunt with the graduate.

Brooke with her parents Robin and David.

Brooke with her diploma. (Ha ha)

I don't know what happened to this picture. I give up!!!!

gddo/s320/Brooke%27s+Graduation+005.jpg" border=0> Brooke overjoyed with her graduation gift.....money to buy a lap top for college. She is going to BYU-Idaho.
We were so proud that we shot off fireworks. Actually, the school did.


Jill said...

We weren't there, but we heard it. Brooke is so good. And so pretty. She deserves that medal around her neck.
The fireworks were deafening. We had to cover our ears. I can't imagine how loud they must have been right next to them.

Anonymous said...

Karen we need you around to document everything in our lives. You do such a good job. Thanks for coming and for being such a fabulous aunt.
Enjoy your trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you karen! I'm so glad you came down for me. I love the pictures.
Brooke :)

Kris said...

She is such a super cute girl- I'd say an All-American gal for sure. And I'm thrilled to hear she's going to be going to BYU-Idaho! Woohoo!! We'll have to come visit next time I go up for alumni stuff.