Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Beautiful Brooke

Today is my wonderful niece Brooke's birthday . I am not going to say how old she is because I have lost track. Several years ago I sent her a birthday card with the wrong year on it. She was just little then so hope she doesn't remember. Here she is with 2 of her 3 sisters. Aren't they cute? Ashley made the outfits. (I think) Here is our Miss Brooke with her new laptop computer that her most favorite aunt gave her for high school graduation. She will be attending BYU-Idaho with it. Good luck Brooke!
Here she is today. This was one of her Senior pictures. She could be a model, couldn't she?
Well, I just love Brooke. Here are several reasons. I had a little part in naming her. I wanted Macy Elizabeth but I just ended up getting Elizabeth. Robin put that in there just for me. For some reason I just love that name. Next, I was at her house the night she was born. I came down from Concord to stay at their house in case Robin went into labor. I stayed and watched Ashley and Lauren. I told Robin not to be nervous and that it was just a baby. Should she have been?? Also, if you want to go on a long distance train ride, Brooke is the one. She was a blast going from Ca to Utah and back. I am really proud of her and know she will do great things in her life. Go get 'em Brooke.


Susan Rozier said...

Cute post! Brooke is a jewel. We saw her at Jan Thomas Swim School the other day when I took Richard to see the place--he'd never been there. She was so efficient in the Duck Hut. She is a beautiful and accomplished girl. Hopefully, she'll connect with my other two granddaughters who will also be at BYU, Idaho.

I'll comment on this blog instead of the recycling one that I just learned Friday at the movies with your mom that you aren't supposed to put styrofoam in the recycling bin!!! Here all this time I thought I was being so responsible.

Fondly, Susan

Anonymous said...

awww thank you karen you are so nice!! i love the post, and you are an amazing aunt!! :)


Jill said...

I also remember well the day Brooke was born. And she is the same exact age (to the day) of my pool...18 years.

And Susan, I didn't think styrofoam was recyclable either, but the pamphlet the garbage people gave me says it is.

Anonymous said...

Great post Karen. Brookie is a good girl. We often comment that she shares many of your good traits. How will we survive when she is in another state. Oh me, oh my!!

lindsay lark said...

I can't believe Brooke is 18 and ready to go to college! When did I get so old?