Saturday, September 19, 2009

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Karen L. Mortensen

Well, you know how sometimes kids get the words mixed-up on something and say the wrong thing like in the song Come, Come Ye Saints they say "No toilet paper here." I have for you a collect of mixed up things from some kids I know.
The Mixed-Up Card Game
When I was a little girl I remember my grandmother, Nannie, playing Solitaire or Solitary as we sometimes called it, in her room. This always intrigued me. So one day I asked her if she would teach me how to play "cemetery" She told me that she would and that all I needed to do was get a shovel and go into the backyard and start digging.

The Mixed Up Basket
In my classroom I have a basket that I have labeled the "Done Basket". I tell the children that when they are done with their papers to put them in that basket. One day at a parent teacher conference a father asked me what the "Dumb Basket" was. He said his son told him that I told him to put his papers there. I had to do some quick explaining after I got up off the floor. LOL

The Mixed-Up Homework
As part of my students homework for the week I give them a page with a picture on it and they are suppose to write a story to go with the picture. One time I gave a paper with the outline of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. A girl turned in a story about how maps were useful. Another time I gave a picture of a boy and girl reading a book. A little boy wrote that they were reading Jack and the Been Stop.

The Mixed-Up Assistant
This year I have a little boy in my class that has Dysgraphia(trouble with writing). He goes to Occupational Therapy for help. Anyway, one day he went home and told his mother that he needed a maid. When she asked him what a maid was, he told her that it was some girl who comes to school and helps with your writing and all that. He also said that his OT was his maid on Tuesdays.


Susan Rozier said...

Loved this post!!! The stories of the kids are so funny. My soon to be 6 year old granddaughter came home from 1st grade describing her teacher as strict and very nice. She had heard her sisters talking about how strict their teachers were and she was emulating them. When Jamie asked her what strict meant she said, "Kind, helpful, nice." That got a laugh. My kids had their share too. Dawnie always used to say "Hangabur" for "Hamburger." The family adopted it and we still say it to this day. Getting off track, but sort of on the subject....when I was in college we were discussing that the heart was just another organ in the body and what if we took another organ and substituted it in all the love songs. We came up with, "I love you with all my liver." "Sweetliver, sweetliver." "I left my liver in San Francisco." "I love you from the bottom of my liver." "It broke my liver." My old roommates commented after my recent surgery, "We heard you had a liver attack." "Broken liver and contrite heart." I could go on, but you get the silly picture!

This is totally off subject, but funny how kids perceive things. Dawnie was giving the "how babies are conceived" talk using all the proper jargon. Such as the sperm fertilizing the eggs, etc. Sierra said thoughtfully, "So if I don't want to have babies I need to stay away from sperm? We thought of a wall plaque with vinyl lettering on it with that advice...Stay Away From Sperm. Fondly, Susan

Susan Rozier said...

This is Susan again. In my previous post I should have said "Broken liver and contrite spirit."

LA Adams said...

As an adult I found many songs had different words than I thought growing up!

Jill said...

I too found out I was singing the wrong words to some hymns as I grew up. 'Ere you Left Your Room This Morning'...I thought was about a little boy named Ere who always forgot to pray. As we would sing this hymn often at church I would always picture this little boy Ere who put his red ball cap on his head and run out the door without remembering to pray.

Those were some great lines Karen! I use to call that game Solitary too! My grandma also taught me to play it.

Susan...Stay Away from Sperm would make a great plaque! :)))

Susan said...

Sooo very funny.