Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daniel Came To Visit!!!!!

This weekend was great. I had Friday off of work and Daniel came to visit us. Here is a little bit of what we did.
Daniel had his favorite meal of noodles, apples and cheese.He played on the computer for hours. He loves watching video clips on You Tube.

He also likes a little food with his video viewing. He can't just take one or two of something, he has to take the whole container.

He he is eating some of the stolen goods.

Of course, every time he comes over, Daddy gives him a hair cut.

Daniel went back home today. It was great having him here. He is pleasant to have around but nobody gets much sleep. He gets up early so he can get all of his You Tube viewing in for the day.


Anonymous said...

aww looks like fun... are you guys coming down for thanksgiving this year?? i haven't seen you in such a long time.


cindyrella said...

what a great excuse to not get any "work" done!!

LA Adams said...

He looks so handsome. I haven't seen Daniel for a few years and he really has grown. Your back drop is great!

JennyD said...

Those are great photos of Daniel! Thanks for sharing on your blog! Love you guys!! Jenny

Jill said...

Sweet Daniel. Noodles, apples and cheese sounds wonderful. And I also like to take the whole box with me when I am snacking...just in case I want more. :) What are his favorite youtube videos?

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Game show clips, Disney clips even Little Mermaid in Spansih. He asked me to find that for him. He was even watching old news clips with Dennis Richmond in them. (A local news anchor here who had since retired)

Anonymous said...

Wow - Dennis Richmond huh? Who knew he was so exciting.

Kris said...

Karen, this was really fun for me to see some of the things that Daniel enjoys doing so much. I think that's cute that he loves the YouTube videos so much. You are a wonderful mother.