Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

Here are some pictures from our ward Christmas party that was held on December 5th. It was a really nice party. Good food, good company and great entertainment. Tom got some of his friends together and put on a great show. Here is a group of people doing Pretty Paper. It is a Willie Nelson song. They did a great job.
Here are Tom and Ruffy singing and playing a song. Sorry I can't remember what it was. It might have been Silent Night.
Here is Tom playing The Holy City. It was really nice because the audience was singing along with him. It is such a pretty song.
Here is a scene from the Primary. They did such a good job. We got to sing songs throughout the play.
Here is a picture of some of the decorations they had up. They were all so pretty.


Jill said...

Someone put lots of work into this party. That stage presentation looked quite elaborate!!

Susan Rozier said...

Karen, What a nice party! Jill was right--someone put it a lot of work. Very enjoyable post. Fondly, Susan

LA Adams said...

That is nice to know that Tom is the center of the party! Good job

Susan said...

Miss you guys! We have news -- Jeff's second counselor in the bishopric. Wish us luck!

Kris said...

Nothing quite like a ward Christmas party! It is always a highlight of our family's season each year! This one looks absolutely beautiful.