Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Very Happy One-One-One One To You


Well, here we are at the beginning of a new year. Who knows what it will hold for everyone, but I do hope and pray that it will hold many wonderful things for you as well as for us.

Here are a few highlights from our year.

TOM= He was released as the Bishop of our ward in early January. He didn't get much of a rest because he went right to the High Council. He is a lea son (?) of sorts to another congregation and has to speak at different churches once a month.
He is still selling insurance(want some) and playing the trumpet. He is getting really good at that. He really does enjoy it a lot.
He is still golfing but playing the trumpet has seemed to trump the gold. LOL

ME= I work in the Primary at church. It has been nice although I don't seem to know what I am doing to well. It doesn't just come to me. But, I am working with some wonderful ladies.
I am still teaching 2nd grade. I do enjoy it even though it wipes me out at times. I love the kids and the people I get to work with. Due to money, we might not have small classes again in the next school year. I hope something can be worked out.
Of course, I am still blogging. I really do enjoy this and it has been a great outlet for me. I have met some wonderful people and have learned so much from all of them. It is good to see that people aren't afraid to talk about God and Jesus out there.

DANIEL= He is still the sweetest person on earth. He is doing very well. He spends hours on the computer looking at video clips on You Tube.
He goes to a special school during the day. This will be his last year there because of his age. He will turn 22 in Feb. and will go to an adult day program. Which means we have to start looking at some.
Also, because of his age, he had to move into a home that was classified as an "Adult Home." So by a great miracle , the lady who owns the group homes graciously opened here home to Daniel and 3 other people. They will save money and buy another house that they can all move in. Tom and I were so very happy about this. God really was involved in this one.

Well, that's all the news and excitement we had. It was a pretty good year and we pray that this next year will be too. Also, that many wonderful blessings will come everybody's way. Happy 2011!!


Susan Rozier said...

Happy New Year to You Karen!!! Loved your recap of the year. You have truly been blessed. May next year's report be an even better one. Fondly, Susan

Debby said...

Life seems to be going well for you. So glad to have met you this year. Many blessings this coming year.

wendy said...

Sounds like you have had a pretty good year. My brother is a Bishop...and I know through is a lot of time commitment.
He need to play golf and play his trumpet now for sure.

My best friend here has a special needs child who is 26. He is a character. they bring a lot of challenges to the table and also pour forth a lot of love.

I too HOPE for a good year.

Sue said...

I love the Singles Ward, but I will be excited on the day my husband is released as bishop. It will be fun to have him a little more to myself again!

Sounds like you are all doing well, and I'm glad the arrangements for your son came together so well.


Grandma Honey said...

You are a busy family. But good thing you included blogging in your list. I don't want you taking any long breaks from that again.