Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What The Mice Did While The Cat(Tom) Was Away

On Saturday, my mom, my niece Mckenzie and I drove up to Sacramento to go to a wonderful thrift store called Deseret Industries. It was wonderful. Can't believe I didn't take any pictures. My other niece, Ashley, lives up there now and she went with us. After all that shopping we had to eat. We stopped at Chipotle's (?) in Fairfield and had the most wonderful meal.
These are some big burritos. It was hard to eat but worth it.

Andrew, Ashley and Mckenzie apperently didn't want to be seen with Mom and I.
After that, Ashley and Andrew (the future lawyer) came to our house and Ashley made us dinner. It was soooo good. She made pita pockets for us. I could get use to having her live so close.
Well, that was a fun day. More to come. I also sent my video camera to the Family Reunion with the cat. One of these days I will post them. They do take a while to upload.


Candace said...

I love Chipotle so much! It looks like Ashley is quite a cook too. Pitas are one of my favorites. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family. I want to visit that Thrift store on my visit. :)

Susan Rozier said...

I don't know what the Cat did, but it sure looked like the Mice had fun! For some reason, I'm hungry right now. Thanks for sharing. Fondly, Susan

Sue said...

I like thrift stores...and burritos...and pita pockets.


(Florida) Girl said...

Looks like fun!

Kim said...

That burrito is enormous!!

Ashley said...

That was a fun day. We will have to come visit again soon! Any dinner requests??

Anonymous said...

whos that cute girl in the thirt picture on the right?

make shure my quilt is done by chridtmas and make sure it has a pritty shade of purple in it