Saturday, March 21, 2009

Backgrounds and Banners

I am always on the lookout for places to get cute and free backgrounds for my blog? Does anybody know where to get them? I only know of three places. Cutest Blog, Jelly Pages and Pyzam. Are there any others?

As for the banner or header, I would really like to find cute/neat ones for that. Anybody know where to get those?

Thanks for your help. Remember cute, different,and FREE.


Jill said...

Well as you probably know by now...I sure don't have any answers. It took me forever just to change my blog background one time. Please do share with us as you learn more.

Rosa said...

I have two that I use-- (Just found this one -- I am using one of there backgrounds currently)
and then the one most use:
They both give you instructions on how to do it! Hope this works for you!

Rosa said...

One more thing you can buy backgrounds on these sites but they also have free backgrounds so just click the free background tabs -- make sure to go into your settings first though and set your current template as minima. GOOD LUCK

Kris said...

The only one I know of is one you mentioned- cutest blog on the block. I'm not sure about headers though. Good luck! (Your blog looks great all the time though!)