Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trip to Nampa--- Last One I Promise

These are some pictures of pictures that Tom's mom has around her house. This first ones are pictures of her 11 children. Tom is on the top row, 3rd from the left. Top row: Rocky, Paul, Tom, Rodger, Bruce, Jon. Bottom row: Cindy, Amy, Shirley, Leah, Jana. These hang in their entry way. They are all the children's senior pictures. They are in the same order as the ones above. The two on the bottom are Tom's parents, Stan and Myrtle.
I love this picture. This refrigerator is covered with pictures of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is fun to look at.

This is a picture of their dairy farm that they used to have.

This is a picture of where they used to live. In an old World War 2 barracks building.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of the pictures that hang in Tom's parent's house.


Uncle Tom said...

Behind each of these pictures is a story way too long for this blog - and very boring for most that would have to read it. I will spare you all. Or maybe someday it will appear in a movie or book that you would pay money for.

cindyrella said...

after you write it i want an autographed copy. too bad we haven't tape recorded all those sunday dinner conversations.

Anonymous said...

I loved the tour. Thanks.

P.S. See you soon in Utah.

Jill said...

I had no idea Tom came from a family of 11 kids. WOW! What a nice display of pictures his mom has of them all. Thanks for putting up all the names too.

Rachael said...

Great post. Those pictures bring back a lot of memories :)