Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Plaza Hotel & Lauren's Apartment in SLC

Well, this is the first part and the last part of my trip to my niece Ashley's graduation from BYU. First my mom and I flew to Salt Lake and stayed the night at the Plaza Hotel. We love it there. It is right next door to the Salt Lake Temple. This is the view out our window of the City Center. Hopefully our future home!!
Here is another view of the beautiful mountains.

This was the fabulous walk-in shower we had. It looks much better in person.

I took this picture for Mom. She loved how the washrags were folded.

Yes, I am neurotic. I fold the dirty towels and leave them on the toilet or the floor. I don't want the maids to think we are slobs.

After we got finished with the graduation in Provo, we took Lauren, my niece, home to Salt Lake. This is her in her kitchen.

Lauren in her living room.

Lauren in her bedroom.

Grandma Nellie with Lauren.

Me and Lauren.
We had a great time in Utah. Be on the look out for more pictures of the graduation and a great visit from my little brother. Would do it tonight but the computer is SLOW. This took a long time.


cindyrella said...

well she is just a little cutie patooty!! made it through the trenches without getting married?!
dumb guys!!!

Jill said...

I love the colors Lauren has in her apt. And that silky slinky bedspread I would love! She is beautiful and happy looking. Interesting cupboards in her kitchen. Would make it very easy to see what she needs before going grocery shopping!