Saturday, May 16, 2009

The 5 People We Would Like To Meet For Dinner

I asked Tom and myself this question. Name 5 people living or dead that you would like to have dinner with? Here are our lists.

Karen's List:

  1. Mary, mother of Jesus

  2. Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher

  3. Brigham Young

  4. Daniel H. Wells, my great, great grandfather

  5. Lydia Ann Alley Wells, my great, great grandmother

Tom's List:

  1. Carlos Severe, his grandfather

  2. Joseph Smith, Jr.

  3. George H.W. Bush

  4. Abraham Lincoln

Parley P. Pratt (if it were 6, I would have picked him)

Who would you like to have dinner with?


Mary Kay said...

That's a cool question.

1. To have dinner with Jesus would have to be number 1 I think... though it would definitely be surreal but that's what this question is all about, right?

2. Then John Steinbeck because I love his writing and think he's got an interesting view on life that I'd love to discuss with him

3. Franz Schubert, because he wrote incredible music plus he was supposed to be a crazy partier so I bet he'd be a lot of fun at dinner :)

4. At this point the question is getting difficult...perhaps Tim Robbins? I've always felt drawn to him when I watch his movies. Not sure he's *really* a top 5 but hey I bet it would be great anyway.

5. I'd really like to go on a HIKE with Johannes Brahms...not sure he'd be the best dinner company though, a little introverted. Can I cheat and say any one of my distant relatives from 200+ years ago?

This was harder than I thought :)

Jill said...

What a very interesting dinner that would be! I think I would like to eat with my grandmother Leonie who I never got to meet. She died when my dad was only 6, so she has always been a mystery to me. I heard she was a very good seamstress so obviously my sisters took after her more than I did.

Susan Rozier said...

Dear Karen, Did you set your table so beautifully for 5 imaginary guests?! I'd like to have dinner with you if you cook anything like your mother! It hurts my head to think so deeply. Sorry, but I liked your choices. Fondly, Susan