Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mommy's House

When I was at Mom's house last week for Tyler and Karen's wedding, I went through her house and took pictures of her house. So just sit right back and enjoy the tour. Sorry for the order of the pictures. It took forever to upload everything and I don't feel like moving everything around.
This is a hummel figurine I bought for her. I broke the one she had when I was little. We call this "David and Karen"
When Mom was a kid, she loved to play hopscotch. In fact she was the hopscotch champion. I saw this at store in Ferndale and had to get it for her.

This is part of her living room.

This is her kitchen.

This is her desk that is in the living room. This desk is very old. It belonged to her Great Grandfather, Daniel H. Wells.

This is her china hutch where she keeps a lot of pretty figurines.

This is another cabinet she has with figurines in it.

Her bedroom.

Her bathroom.

This cabinet is in her bathroom. It is full of old jars that I have gotten for her. It mostly has old Ponds Cold Cream jars in it. She likes these because they remind her of her grandmother whom she was named after. Great Nana always wore Ponds Cold Cream. Ever since she was an adult, Mom has kept a jar in her bathroom to remind her to be a nice person.

Mom loves to collect plates. Here are some of the plates on her wall by the kitchen.

Her entertainment center.
Isn't her house cute? It is attached to my brother, David's house. She really likes her home.


Susan Rozier said...

Thanks for the tour of your mom's home. It is so nice that she has a lovely place to herself. It is very cozy and filled with loving memories. She is a giver to the nth degree! I so admire her. Fondly, Susan

Jill said...

I've seen it in person too and it is very quaint and charming. Your mom is loaded with class. I love the way she decorates with what I call the old fashioned homey look. I just love Grandma Nellie.