Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ashley's Graduation From BYU

Last week, my mom and I flew to Utah for Ashley's graduation from BYU. Here are some pictures from our exciting trip.Here we are in front of the Mt. Timp. Temple. They had a luncheon for all the BYU athletes. This is a picture of people who were on the track team. Ashley pole vaulted.

This is a picture of the stand for her College of Life Sciences' graduation.

The BYU Graduate.

A former BYU graduate(1983) and the current BYU Graduate(2009)

We all had a great time and are so proud of Ashley and what she has done with her life.


Jill said...

All the pictures would enlarge but the first one for some reason. What a day for you all! I wish Den had come home with a picture of Ashley and McKay together but I don't think they could find each other with 6200 graduates! Congratulations Ashley!!

Susan Rozier said...

Karen, This was awesome to see this special event. You're such a good and caring Aunt! Thanks for your faithfulness in blogging and keeping us up on all this good stuff. Fondly, Susan

Ashley said...

Thanks again for coming out! It was so good to see you. -Ashley