Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Is Not About You

For several years and for various reasons, I HATED Mother's Day. I felt awful and even didn't stand up when they said for all the women to stand and get a flower or something. One day my mother told me that Mother's Day wasn't about me. It was a day to honor my mother and think of how wonderful she was. You may laugh at her saying that , and I did, but that statement really changed my attitude. Thanks Mom for being so wise.


Jill said...

I think Mother's day is difficult for so many. My heart hurts for those who aren't mothers and want to be. So today I went to a different ward. That way I am not aware of the pain in others as much because I didn't know many in that ward.
You and I were so blessed to have the mothers we have.

lindsay lark said...

Your mom is one of my favorite people- we need more Nellies in the world.

Susan Rozier said...

Dear Karen, You are blessed to have a kind, caring, and giving mother WHO CAN COOK! My mother didn't like to cook at all and did so as seldom as possible. She was a kind and thoughtful person who served in many many ways, just not cooking. I truly enjoy my friendship with your mom. She is proud of you. Thanks for sharing her. Fondly, Susan