Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer. Here are some quotes that I just love about prayer.

We need to remember the PUSH principle,Pray Until Something Happens!!!!
This sign is in my WONDERFUL sister-in-laws house.


Susan Rozier said...

I like the PUSH philosophy. I'm a firm believer in prayer. My recently answered prayer (my oldest daughter's engagement, after raising 4 kids by herself and being alone for almost 20 years) was WAY BEYOND what I ever imagined for her. My idea was to have her sell her house and move to Utah to teach at BYU. The scenario now is Mark and his family will move into her house and they'll rent out his (possibly to my youngest daughter and her husband--another subject of much prayer). They'll stay in Chico in the same ward with the same jobs and continue their lives, only together. I'm beyond grateful. Mark is a GOOD man. Fondly, Susan

Uncle Tom said...

Our President recently announced to the world that We are not a Christian nation. Nevermind the fact that 80% of Americans claim to be Christians. I guess our president has a mouse in his pocket. I am not one of the "we" he spoke of, and I am a Christian who prays. I believe in prayer. By the way - today is national prayer day.

And Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers!