Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 Things Off-Set The Other

Today was quite the day. I had to find or do 3 things to help off-set the fact that something else happened. You will see at the end of this post.First, I discovered that a Dollar Tree store will be opening soon by my house. I am so excited because this is one of my favorite stores.

Second, I found a pair of cute sandals at Payless. Does anyone think they are too risque for a 50 year old woman? Truthfully if they were any higher I would fall and break something. That would not be pretty.
Third, I came home and had a bowl of rainbow sherbet. Yummy!!!!

This was all because of this picture above. A prescription for BIFOCALS!!!


cindyrella said...

cute shoes! don't you dare return them! now for a knee length skirt to show them off :-)

Jason & Makenna said...

love the shoes! definitely keepers! And the sherbet looks oh so yummy. Sherbet always reminds me of grandpa. :)

Jill said...

Bifocals aren't so bad. I've had mine for years and I love them. I have the graduating kind so there is no line.

Susan said...

I think I'm heading down that road. :) When I want to read small print I have to take off my glasses in order to read it. Hopefully I have a few years to go until I need bifocals.