Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alaskan Cruise Wildlife

While on our trip we had the opportunity to see many types of wildlife. We saw man-made, reall animals that had been stuffed and also real animals in their natural habitats. All of it was very thrilling to see.

Two real rabbits that have been stuffed.

A real bear on the side of the road somewhere in Alaska or Canada.

A man-made elephant.

A man-made monkey.

A man-made dog.

A man-made rabbit.

The awesome real whales we saw in Juneau.

Some real sea lions we saw while whale watching in Juneau.

A man-made sting rey.

Some fake goats on a hillside.

Some real scary man-made men on the deck of the ship. LOL


Mary Kay said...

This post made me laugh out loud as soon as I got to the towel animals and of course the last photo is a classic :) You are funny! Very cool animals, real and otherwise!

Jill said...

I have never seen such creative towels in my life! I wonder if a person needs to go to a special school to learn how to make those.

Kris said...

Karen, you are so funny! I loved reading this post. The last picture was classic. Looks like you saw some wonderful sights!