Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tracy Arm Fjord---Glacier and Icebergs

After we left Skagway, we headed for Tracy Arm Fjord. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. These pictures do not do the place justice. It was also very peaceful there.This is a glacier.This was the side of the waterway. Very rugged and steep but very beautiful.


Iceberg with a side of snow on the mountain.

A very big iceberg. Couldn't get the whole thing in the camera.


Mary Kay said...

so pretty!

Jill said...

So this was part of your cruise? I'll have to ask my dad and Susan about this today since they just got back from the same one.

Susan Rozier said...

These pictures are perfect! When (and IF) I do a blog about our trip, I'm going to refer people to your blog for these fabulous pictures you took. We'll have to commisserate at some point. Fondly, Susan

Anonymous said...

looks like a ton of fun. so beautiful!!

Kris said...

Oh this entire trip looks so breathtaking! You've taken some very beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing! I would love to visit there someday!