Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Extra, Extra.....New Dollar Tree Store Opens

Today this wonderful store opened up. It is close to my house and I will pass by it everyday on the way home from work. This store is a teacher's dream. I got there a few minutes before it opened. There were already a few people waiting to get in.This is my shopping basket filled with my wonderful , new found treasures. This is my receipt.
This is what I bought for the classroom. The food is in case I forget my lunch one day. I have been known to do that before.

This is the stuff I bought for the house. Not bad stuff for a dollar each.

By the way- While standing in line to get in, a lady asked me if I was there to apply for a job too. I just told her no. I was embarassed to tell her that I already had a job but that it would be my dream to work there and someday own one.


cindyrella said...

dollar stores can be dangerous!
hey if you come across a backpack with a dragon, flames, or dragon and flames, let me know - Connor thinks that would be very cool to take to kindergarten :-)

Uncle Tom said...

We will be bankrupt - 1 dollar at a time.

Susan Rozier said...

With your example, I'll have to visit my Dollar Store more often. I usually get birthday cards there (2 for $1.00) and then walk out! Fondly, Susan

Jill said...

Reading this post gives me a new appreciation and excitement for Dollar Stores.
And in response to Susan's's the best place to buy balloons for someone too!

Kris said...

I love Dollar Tree! There are so many fun things to be found! I loved Tom's comment. LOL