Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walking Mckenzie To School

Well, since I have to go back to school/work this week, I thought I would start off with a post about school. However, this is a little backwards because this is a post about Mckenzie going to school towards the end of last school year. I have had this for awhile but have never posted it for some reason. This was taken when I was there for Brooke's graduation.Every morning Grandma Nellie walks Mckenzie to school. I was lucky enough to be there and got invited to join them. Here is Mckenzie ready to go to school. This is Mckenzie in front of her school.
This is Mckenzie in her classroom. I hope everybody really likes this picture because it was not easy to get her to let me take this picture. I am glad she did because I think it is cute.

Anyway, reality starts tomorrow. I am going to my school and picking up the keys. I will also start working in my room to get it ready. We officially start on Thursday. I just like to get a head start.


Anonymous said...

that girl is so cute

Uncle Tom said...

Karen is the best teacher on the planet. Period. That's it.

Jill said...

I'm sure I would agree with Tom. I wish my boys had more dedicated teachers like you are.

I have seen McKenzie and Grandma Nellie walking to school before but I didn't know it was their regular routine. What a great memory McKenzie will have when she is older and looking back on this time of her life!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have these pictures. We don't have many pictures of our poor little "last" child and I'm sure we'll hear about it in years to come. We can always count on you Karen! Way to go!

Have a great first day. I just love the smell and feel of new school supplies. Back to school is my favorite, has been since I was 5 years old.