Friday, October 30, 2009

My Little Monsters

Well, another Halloween has come and gone and I survived. It wasn't too bad. The kids were pretty calm for how excited they were. I was proud of them. Here I am in my Halloween costume. I dressed up as a lady golfer. Pretty unique , huh?
The scary girl is my student and the other 2 kids are her sister and brother. Aren't they cute?

This are two "future" students. The little girl is the sister of one of my girls and the little boy is the little brother of one of my boys. The little girl is Dorthy and the little boy was a lion but he got too hot.

All of my cute girls plus one little sister. They all looked so pretty today.

Here are all my scary looking boys. They are all really sweet though.


LA Adams said...

Ahh so cute! Keeping order with so much excitement is great - way to go! Good thing they have a day to sleep after trick-or-treating.

Susan Rozier said...

You're a great looking lady golfer! All the little ones are so cute. It's so exciting to see how hyped the kids are to be dressed up. We went to the Trunk or Treat Harvest Festival last night and it was fun fun fun. It's wonderful you enjoy your profession. Darling pictures. Fondly, Susan

Jill said...

Your little monsters were darling but I also enjoyed clicking the pictures so I could see the details of your room. I had fun reading your charts and looking around. I can feel the love you have for your little students.
I've wondered...what would you do if one of your students arrived on that day without a costume? Or has that happened before?