Monday, November 2, 2009

Big, Wonderful, News!!!

Today at 5:21pm my cell phone rang. I took it out of my pocket to see who it was. It was a 801 area code. Must be Ashley, I thought. It was Ashley. She had some good news for me. She told me that I am getting a new nephew-in-law on January 8th. I am so happy for her and Andrew. Welcome to the family, Andrew.
This is a picture of Ashley and Andrew at her graduation from BYU in May.


Anonymous said...

karen we told you 5 minutes a go
get a life!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey..... we are all so excited!!! Thanks for posting so quickly and getting excited with us. It will be hard to focus on Christmas this year.... Keep January open until we have a firm date.
We will keep you updated.

Jill said...

McKenzie cracks me up! :)

I am so excited about this. How very wonderful. Can you believe I have never even met Andrew?? Do you have any more pictures of him?

I do remember a birthday party Brock had and invited Andrew's older brother to it. Andrew and his sister were just a month or 2 old. I could not tell you any of Brock's birthday presents through the years, but I do remember what Andrew's brother gave him that year (I can't even remember his brother's name!) Such a unique and wonderful gift. It was a box of homemade choc chip cookies in a box, all wrapped up.I remember thinking at the does a mother of newborn twins find time to bake cookies? I was obviously impressed...I'm still thinking about it how many years later?? Well however old Andrew is.

cindyrella said...

Karen, i like your fall wallpaper

Kris said...

How exciting!!! Congratulations!