Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where The Cats Went

I sent my video camera to the family reunion. Tony recorded this for me. It is a tour of the camp ground where the reunion was. Looks like a nice place. Thanks to Tony for doing this for me.



blueviolet said...

A family reunion would be so much fun, but I need a hotel!!! I'd have to come out there for the day but then go to a hotel at night. lol

Funny to hear the gravel crunching as he walks along.

Fun to see the target practice going on! There was a lot going on inside too. Plus music!

Sue said...

I always send a camera (and a Flip, too) with my husband when I can't be at an event I'd love to attend.

It's great!


Susan Rozier said...

This place definitely looks BIG ENOUGH! Where is it? We just had one (family reunion) at Bass Lake in John's condo and we were packed in big time. Had a great time, but what's the challenge with that huge kitchen! Looked like a ton of people were there. Liked the talent stage too. Valuable experience for those just beginning. Fondly, Susan